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Founder and Director of DONO

Firuza Osimi


Administrator                                                  Financial manager


Nisso Madaminova                                               Mavlyuda Abidova


Foreign staff:


Director of DONO Affiliate in J.Rasulov district



James Wenger



Anna Houghton 

Hi, I'm Anna from England.   When I'm home, I live with my parents in the countryside in the east of England.  I enjoy occasional visits to London which we can reach in about an hour and a half and I also enjoy walking along the sandy beaches of the east coast which are just 30 minutes’ drive from my home.   I haven't swum in the sea for years because even in the summer the weather is rarely warm enough!  If I had to choose between city or country life, I'd choose living in the countryside.  London has many interesting things to see and do but most of all I enjoy walking in the peaceful green fields alongside the river near my home.  

I first came to Tajikistan in 2003 to teach English and I'm glad to be back here again, Tajikistan has become my second home.   I really enjoy teaching English because I realise it can open so many doors for those who can use it.   I know from personal experience that language learning doesn't just happen, it requires work and practice.   It gives me great pleasure to see the progress that students make when they put in time and effort to practice.  Learning in a group can make the hard work more enjoyable as we share experiences together and that's why I'm very glad to teach again at DONO.



  Megan Ellsworth


Dono workers on the staff seminar