Cooperation with Dono

 "We desire to accomplish more than just helping students learn English, Computers, and other courses.  We desire to help students in Northern Tajikistan be prepared to partner with the world in education, business, and through sharing ideas.  As Thomas L. Friedman wrote in “The World is Flat”, in today’s world, people from every region can now participate as individuals in the global economy.  We desire to equip our students to be full participants in today’s global society.

We welcome international teachers to join us in working at IEC “DONO” united in an effort to equip students in Tajikistan."

James Wenger                                                                                                   Melani Wenger

Director of Educational Center “DONO”, J. Rasulov Affiliate                      Trainer of English Teachers



We are glad to cooperate with you for mutual development through:

·         Working at Dono.

·         Volunteering at Dono.

·         Programs of cooperation with businesses.

·         Other Partnerships.