In order to live an interesting and fruitful  life, be capable to discover our potential and to achieve our goals, we must try to keep step with  time in this fast-paced world. To achieve this it is important to have a certain intellectual reserve and to keep acquiring the necessary skills, and knowledge.

For example, nowadays there are both public and personal reasons to need to know foreign languages and to improve native language competency. Computer literacy is needed for everyone in this age of modern technology.

If you use the right approach to teaching and for working with the learner, you can get surprisingly good results. 

It is never too early to learn new skills or too late to catch up on missed knowledge. Do you want to prepare your child for school so that he will enjoy studying?   Do you want to prepare for entry into local or foreign higher education institutions?  Do you want to be confident of your knowledge and to effectively use your study time? Or do you just want to improve yourself no matter what age you are?

Educational Center Dono will help to accomplish your dreams.

We are ready to provide the necessary knowledge and skills that will connect you to the world and will open new opportunities to improve your life for the better!

We will be pleased for you to visit our center and to discuss with us your expectations. Our goal is to promote your development using advanced methods of teaching. In this difficult time of Tajikistan’s transition to a market economy, we encourage you to invest your money in studies from which you will reap the profits of new knowledge and skills.

I offer my best wishes to all who wish to increase their knowledge and opportunities through enriching their potential and improving their education. I would like to express my best wishes in the words of academician Muhammad Osimi, who in one of his conversations with young scientists in their efforts to strive their knowledge in science, wished them:

"First, the strength of will. By learning this quality for yourself from a young age, you will consistently go towards the goal. To do this, first of all one has to defeat himself. In the words of Balzac, ‘the toughest battle - a battle with its flaws, and the most difficult victory - a victory over himself’. Second, throughout life never be afraid of difficulties (nothing comes easy!) And finally, pass on the light of hope."

I wish you success in your continued development!

Thank you for visiting our website and for your confidence in Dono!

Firuza Osimi

Director of IEC “DONO”